Some other great clubs and venues promoting the same type of music as us.
English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS):
Great Bardfield Folk Club:
Green Note:
Haverfolk, Romford:
Hoy At Anchor Folk Club, Westcliff:
Loughton Folk Club:
Romford Folk Club:
Royston Folk Club:
Waltham Abbey Folk Club:
Wivenhoe Folk Club:
Some great acts that have already played, are booked to play or, we hope, will play in the future.
Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby:
Chris Cleverley:
Emily Mae Winters:
Emma Ballantine:
Harp And A Monkey:
Kirsty Merryn:
Matthew Shepherd:
Merry Hell:
Noel Cowley:
Paul McClure:
Some great radio shows playing the kind of music we like to present.
Trevor Krueger Folk Show (Saint FM):
Folk Radio UK:
Folk / Roots presented by Martin Bridgeman (KCLR96FM):
Sue Marchant (BBC Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk):
Strummers & Dreamers (Cambridge 105):

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Kirsty Merryn by Jonathan Cuff
Wildwood Kin with Trevor Krueger
Nina Harries
Emily Mae Winters & Paul McClure
Julie Felix
Craig & Willoughby with Trevor Krueger
Chris Cleverley