A new venue for quality live folk, traditional and acoustic music!
Monthly events at: St John's Church, High Street Epping, Essex CM16 5DN      Contact: Trevor Krueger - Email: trevorkrueger@btinternet.com            Tel: 07977 026533
17th May 2017 -                Who's on at the Epping Music Club?
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Tickets may also be purchased in the High Street from:

Little Sew n' Sews
307 High Street
CM16 4DA

Tickets are £12.50 each
(A 50p charge may apply if paying by Credit Card)
Doors open at 7pm For half an hour of great music and fun chat.

Live performances begin at 7.30pm

Concludes around 9.30pm
​One Night Only!
17th May
Tickets on sale NOW!
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The one and only...
                       Julie Felix
“There are those among us who just have to play and sing; 
to whom there can be no question of quitting; 
to whom their work is not a job, but a calling.  
Julie Felix is one such musician.”

What began for little Julie as simple home entertainment, as her father and his friends played Mariachi music into the small hours of the morning, has actually been this remarkable woman’s profession for nearly 50 years.

It’s a tough business, music. Only the good and the genuine last the course.”
Julie - then...
The legend goes on....
With Leonard Cohen whom she introduced to Britain through her BBC TV series...
Julie - today...
...as amazing as ever!
Come and witness, listen to and meet a true
Folk Music Legend!
Saskia - supporting Julie Felix by her own special request...

​​"Saskia’s singing style has something of the old-fashioned purity of early Joan Baez..." ​
Living Tradition Magazine

“…a fine singer-songwriter…wonderful voice and great guitar playing...” 
​Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Gloucestershire​​​

Tonight's line-up will be a rare and wonderful experience!

Julie Felix - A living Folk legend...

                     and Saskia Griffiths-Moore - a young legend in the making!

You simply have to be there as this will be yet another Epping Folk Club night - simply too good to miss!

See you there... Watch the videos and see why!

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