A new venue for quality live folk, traditional and acoustic music!
Monthly events at: St John's Church, High Street Epping, Essex CM16 5DN      Contact: Trevor Krueger - Email: trevorkrueger@btinternet.com            Tel: 07977 026533
15th February 2017 -          Who's on at the Epping Folk Club?
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Tickets may also be purchased in the High Street from:

Little Sew n' Sews
307 High Street
CM16 4DA

Tickets are £12.50 each
(A 50p charge may apply if paying by Credit Card)
Doors open at 7pm For half an hour of great music and fun chat.

Live performances begin at 7.30pm

Concludes around 9.30pm
​One Night Only!
15th February
Tickets on sale Now!
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Born in Cambridge, England on 21st November 1971, Steve grew up in the nearby market town of St Neots. From a very early age, one constant in his life has been music; a love for it, a need to express himself through it and - in more recent times - the opportunity to share his own songs with a growing, wider audience.

His musical influences are many, varied and not always obvious. They include - in no particular order - Graham Parker, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, Rush, Sam Cooke, Martyn Joseph, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Don McLean, Elvis (both of them) and Bruce Springsteen. Add to this a liking for most musical styles - when executed well - and it would be fair to say that he has a wide spectrum of influences informing his own distinct style and approach.
STEVE PLEDGER - Striking Matches In The Wind
Harries (and Nancy... The Double Bass)
Supporting Steve Pledger tonight....

Nina Harries a recent Masters Graduate of the Royal College of Music and allegedly prone to comedy and naughtiness!  Coming to Epping at my special request as I believe she is going to be a massive star! (And I needed to book her while still affordable!).
I won't mention that she's the daughter of a member of Steeleye Span... And those of you who came to our very first show will recall that's where this all started. Peter Knight says "her Dad was the best musician he has ever worked with and Nina is definitely a chip off the old block".

One word of warning... Miss this performance and you'll regret it forever!